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Code of Conduct


The following are a few easy to follow regulations that will help to keep our syndicate a cohesive, loyal and friendly place to game within. We aren’t a totalitarian reign of power hungry bitches. Rather, we’re a community of like-minded gamers who understand a few necessary policies will help to make our community an enjoyable place for its members.

Member Activity
Our goal is to create a tight-knit community of gamers where everyone knows each other and supports each other. We also look to ensure that our members are motivated in being engaged with our community and not just being a stagnant member. As such, all members are expected to be socially active on our website forums and Discord messaging application (mobile or desktop).

If you're just mildly active within the community, you should have no problem meeting the below minimum monthly requirements.

  • 10 minimum website forum posts within each month.
  • 1500 minimum Discord Post XP within each month.
Stats reset on the first of every month. Applicant clock will start once their application is accepted and run for the remaining 4 week trial period. Applicants who are voted into the community will join the rest of the member cycle on the first of the following month.

We have monthly Discord XP Leaderboards and community wide recognition for top performers.

Discord XP Explained
Each time you post a message you get a random number of XP between 15 and 25. To avoid flood, you can only gain xp once per minute. In the server, you can type !rank to get your rank and your level.

We understand that some members will be less active than others, and of course, we understand other priorities take precedence over gaming. We also understand you might take an extended leave of absence. When this happens, we simply ask that you communicate with leadership and keep us in the loop.

MIA Clan Members & Inactivity
Because we have a maximum cap on Syndicate members and promote an active social atmosphere, any member who cannot meet the minimum monthly requirements will be reviewed for membership discontinuance. We'll take a look at the recent down month, have a discussion and see how the following month goes. This is merely to keep the community active and thriving while keeping the door open to new and more active members.

If a member goes MIA for a month or more without notifying leadership as to the reason why, we will reach out to them for a status. If they do not respond within a weeks time, the officers will vote on their removal. We generally assume members who are MIA for a months time without contacting anyone could care less about the community.

We are VERY loyal to our members as long as they communicate with us and keep us in the loop. We've had members leave for extended periods of time without a problem. This is because they cared enough to tell us beforehand.

Member Second Chance Rule
Applying to CitizenX Gaming & being a member of CitizenX Gaming is a one-time opportunity. For the most part we do not allow applicants or members a second chance to rejoin CitizenX.

However, on the rare occasion that a past member would be allowed to reapply, they would undergo a reapplication process. We will only consider members who left on good terms and communicated their situation to us prior to leaving.

The reapplication process would go as follows;

1. Submit an explanation to the Senior Council as to why the member originally left and why they want back.

2. Senior Council will review the explanation and compare this information to their recollection of the situation surrounding the past members exit.

3. If the explanation passes through the senior council, it will be brought to an anonymous officers vote for reapplication approval.

4. If the officers feel the members reason for leaving is Justified and on good terms, we will then allow the past member to reapply under the normal 4 week applicant process.

Joining Up Together
We should try to always have a SYN Party Chat open. Even if you’re the only SYN member on at the time, start a chat for others to join once they login.

Don’t be shy, join parties, make parties and game together as SYN. If you’re gaming with other friends, try to be on the lookout for other SYN members and include them in the games, or reach out to them to see if they want to start a SYN party. Also, reach out to any new applicants and welcome them into your parties and games.

Properly Labeling Party Chats
Communication is Key! and knowing what parties to join and what to expect within those parties is just as important. We want to make it easy for our members and our applicants to know who and where to join for gaming. To help us properly squad up we ask that you name your party chats as followed.

cX Lounge - This party should be created for members to join and purely socialize. Member could be playing any game and just group together and shoot the shit.

cX [enter game] COMP - By labeling the party 'cX (game) COMP' you are stating that this party is geared towards competitive play. This could be practice, ranked, arena or whatever the case may be. These parties are for the more serious gamers who want to take things more seriously. These parties put a big emphasis on winning.

cX [enter game] SCRM - By labeling the party 'cX (game) SCRM' you are stating that internal clan custom games are being run. This should be used to notify members that custom game practice is being run.

cX [enter game] CASU - By labeling the party 'cX (game) CASU' you are stating that this party is geared towards being laid back and casual. You are still playing the objective but the emphasis is more on socializing while playing the same game.

If parties are labeled anything other than cX (something) this is not a CitizenX party and should only be entered by first contacting someone in the party.

Clan Member PSN Friends List
Because our community is built on unity and being a brotherhood of like-minded gamers, we expect that all of our members are friends on PSN. We support our primary games, but we also play many other games together. This community is about unity between members and you never know what game you can squad up on. Having ALL members added on your PSN will ensure that our community thrives no matter what game we're playing. If you're a member, make sure that ALL other members are added as friends on PSN.

cX Members come First
We joined CitizenX to game together and that’s exactly what we should be doing. We never leave a cX member out in the cold in favor of someone who is not wearing the cX tag. Part of what makes us great is the fact that we are an active community, we game together and we have a lot of fun doing it. If someone wants to be part of that, they need to submit an application and become a member of CitizenX Gaming. Any non-citizen members should politely be asked to leave in favor of cX members.

“Hey LonelyGamerDudeNotHappyWithHisClan, great games… but one of our SYN brothers is ready to game with us, so we need to make room for him. We’ll let you know if a spot opens back up”

In The Face of Adversity
CitizenX does not whine or complain when things aren’t going our way. We don’t complain about glitching or other adverse conditions. We don’t give up in the face of failure, we don’t blame each other for our shortcomings and we don’t make others feel as if they’re what’s holding us back. We don't need those types of distractions.

Rather, a true member of CitizenX puts his fellow teammates on his back, incites encouragement, rallies his brothers and pushes forward with tenacity, valor, benevolence, and perseverance. We don’t give up and we don’t back down.

We Rise and Fall Together As ONE.

Playing The Objective
A team that plays together, stays together. Members of CitizenX Gaming strive to play as a cohesive unit that rises and falls together as one. Communication is the key to our success as a team. We keep our communication clear and concise while calling out enemy positions and watching our brothers backs. We do not play for self-serving stats or accolades; rather we play together as a team for the sole purpose of winning. This holds true every time we squad up together.

Gaming Focus
The Syndicate currently supports Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny. We like to consider ourselves a gaming community rather than a one-minded, one-game organization. We hope to create an atmosphere where you'll find friends to play any game of interest. Our competitive involvement and forum focus however will be limited to Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny (at the moment).

Gaming Mindset & Our Competitive Teams
We have an active community with party chats open for daily squad play. During squad play (pub-stomping), we always have fun... but also play the objective by communicating, using strategy and working together as a team.

As for Competitive teams, everyone in the clan is welcome to play on our open developmental Game Battle teams. Providing they show initiative to practice and can play well in a sometimes stressful team atmosphere. We are also currently forming elite competitive teams for Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield and Destiny. These teams are exclusive to actual members who've been voted into the community after a 4 week trial period.

Committing to Competitive Events & Practice
Nothing is worse than leaving your teammates hanging when they're counting on you. A Syndicate member says what he does and does what he says. We are people of our word.

While you are free to play casually within our syndicate, if you commit to attending a competitive event or practice... you'll be held to a higher standard. Failing to show without notifying someone to a scheduled event, game battle or practice can result in temporary or even permanent competitive suspension.

Not showing to an event can cause; wasted time, uneven teams, severe disadvantages and even automatic losses. We simply cannot compete this way.

As a result, in order to play in competitively scheduled matches, you must attend a predetermined amount of practices prior to being selected (different by game and captain).

If you've committed to a scheduled competitive match and are unable to attend, you must give at least 1 hour notice prior to the event. This will allow enough time to find a replacement or notify a sub. Failure to do so will result in a 2 week competitive suspension for a first offense, a second offense is a 1 month suspension followed by a permanent suspension for a third offense.

We understand real life happens and sometimes shit hits the fan. All we ask is that you let us know.. don't leave us hanging and don't let your brothers down.

Same goes for deserting your teammates during matches. Suck it up son!

Respecting Member Ranks
We have a ranking system and expect our applicants and members to respect the members who hold positions of rank above them. That includes listening to the direction of our chosen Competitive Team Captains and Squad Leaders during battle. We are a team here at the Syndicate and value everyone’s strategic input, however it’s the Competitive Team Captains and Squad Leaders who have the final say.

Read our Ranks Page to learn more about our ranking system.

Representing the Syndicate Correctly
Our strength is in our unity, as well as the reputation we build together. Whenever mentioning our organization within another social platform or forum, we are the World Gaming Syndicate. Our tag is SYN with all capital letters. No other alternative ways of spelling World Gaming Syndicate or SYN should be used to rep the clan.

Respect for Others
We want to maintain a fun and helpful community where we can Joke around, have fun and defeat the enemy as a team. However, whenever you are dealing with multiple personalities you will need a higher level of tolerance.

If you cross the line with someone or have a momentary lapse in judgment or character, it’s ok. Be the bigger person, admit your mistake and make it right with whomever you need to. If you have a problem with someone, or think they have a problem with you - ask them! and work it out. If this cannot be worked out between members, then bring the situation to an admins attention and we’ll help you to work through it.

Syndicate Discord Server
Discord is a wide and vast messaging world where anyone can create servers and start groups. However, we ask that all members utilize the World Gaming Syndicate Server for all community and team related communications only.

Using the Syndicate Server will ensure that everyone is socializing together, everyone is in-the-loop, our community remains a close group of friends, we don't form clicks and leadership can keep a beat on overall operations.

Another reason for to utilize the community server only is the monthly Discord minimum XP requirement. The World Gaming Syndicates server only recognizes and awards XP for posts within the communities official server. So any socializing outside of this server wouldl not contribute XP and you may run the risk of not meeting the minimum requirements.

This is a zero-tolerance policy. We will not tolerate the creation of separate servers to facilitate any Syndicate related communications.

Offensive Materials or Expressions
Our syndicate has members from all over the world who are from different cultures, races, etc. We must remain respectful of other people’s heritage and their cultures. It is expected that you will not display or verbalize offensive, or insulting content during games or on any related profiles. Examples of such content include but are not limited to, Swastikas, references of racial discrimination, racial slurs, homosexuality jokes and other offensive comments or images that others may take offense to.

With that being said… don’t be a pussy either. People slip and the world isn’t a perfect place.

Also, no pornography on the website.

No Multiple Team Memberships.
We do our best to keep a tight-knit group of people who care about each other and the Syndicate as a unified force. As a common place for us all to gather and fight back to back against whatever challenge lies ahead. We work together to spread the reputation of our teams across the gaming community and want our syndicate to be recognized for the greatness that it is. For this reason we ask that you always rep the [SYN] tag and help to bring pride to our teams and community.

Furthermore, If SYN supports a game (currently Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny), we expect that you would not be a member of any other competing team while being a member of our community.

It’s our commitment to each other and to the community that makes us a tight-knit group of dedicated gamers for the Syndicate. We build here, together!

Cheating, Hacking, Exploiting or Glitching
The World Gaming Syndicate and it's members earn their respect and their victories. We do not need to cheat, hack, exploit or glitch in order to gain an advantage over our competition. We do not need to exploit game glitches that would result in a member fraudulently progressing with undeserved rank, items or other associated achievements. Simply put.... don't cheat.

What If I Say Fuck You Mr Code of Conduct?
If anyone is having a hard time following these simple regulations designed towards making us a cohesive, loyal and friendly place for members to game within, you’ll kindly be asked to roll out.

As of 12.1.15 and subject to change at anytime.