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Scroll of Antiquity


The year was 2015 and it was during the later months of the calendar year in which our history began. A group of fighters from a veteran clan (not mentioned out of respect) had been fighting long hard wars against antagonist groups across the world for the better part of the year. Within that clan, an uprising sprung inside of the leadership ranks which prompted a planned exodus movement. The movement quickly gained support and cited a lack of motivation and involvement between leadership and its willing warriors.

One of the three main preponderant figures of the nearing exodus approached Solo_Maxximus to join forces with the movement as one of its higher ranking officers, as well as to build a new home for its fighting force.

Eger to forge war under their new flag, said preponderant and Solo_Maxximus began working on the foundation of which the future fighting force would be built upon. Having faith in the conviction of the uprising, Solo_Maxximus honorably disbanded early ahead of the others and began organizing under the [SYN] tag, rallying behind the nameā€¦ World Gaming Syndicate.

The Syndicate was to be a fighting force that stood alone outside of any existing government. They wanted to fight for the freedom of all gamers outside of any ulterior government motives. They wanted to be a home where gamers from all over the world could come and find like-minded soldiers to wage war together for the cause.

On the evening of the planned exodus, the three masterminds and existing officers of the old clan were to bring their exodus to realization. The plan was for the motivators of the uprising to meet with their superiors, state their position and withdrawal from the old clan honorably. During this meeting ALL THREE of the originating figures of the uprising got cold feet, found common ground with their existing clan and made the decision to work through their differences and continue on their existing path. That decision is a respected decision.

Having already left the old clan and wanting to build a new community based on a new set of principles, Solo_Maxximus pushed forward and completed the website, posted the ABOUT page and created The Way of The Syndicate. As the founder of the Syndicate, Solo pledged to fulfill his commitment to building a home for casual and competitive gamers to rally together and play as one for each other.

The Syndicate Rises and Falls Together as ONE.

A few days after the foundation was laid, two well respected warriors in sickness4444 and dynasty8388 joined together with Solo_Maxximus to form the first small fighting force of the Syndicate. These three warriors had shared the battlefield during many intensely fought battles in past Battlfield wars. All three came from familiar gaming backgrounds and brought the same structure, battle communications and core values to The Syndicate.

These warriors now look for other like-minded fighters to join their cause and push forward together as [SYN] to forge a new history as the World Gaming Syndicate.