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Member Awards
Below is our Award System where we honor our most accomplished warriors. Gold Stars are the highest level of recognition followed by Silver & Bronze.

We recognize our warriors for in-game accomplishments as well as clan contributions! we recognize not only our best gamers, but our best clan members as well.

Awards are displayed as badges in the signature of each clan member who has earned them. You will be able to see these badges on the clan members profile page and on their forum posts.

You must be an official clan member to earn an award (with some exceptions).


Call of Duty Alpha Team Gold Star Award Winners


200 Forum Posts Milestone

Solo_Maxximus, dynasty8388, Lordz-Discible07, Bane4you2, I3xPI_Dubomb, Crowdolskee, Im_MarshMello, Squirtle__Squirt, DeathTheSquirll, TrigrHappy928, AdeptMello, ameersti, AngryYank, sapperwj, ExFlawless, mad91yj