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Who We Are

"The Syndicate Rises and Falls Together as ONE"


The World Gaming Syndicate otherwise called "The Syndicate" is an underground PS4 gaming community that includes mature gamers from across the world, and is open to applicants ages 17 and up. We currently support Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny but play many other games together.

The Syndicate is a unified fighting force that stands alone outside of any existing government. We fight for each other and the freedom of all gamers outside of any ulterior government motives. This is a place where like-minded gamers from across the World stand together as one and fight for each other. This is the gaming sanctuary we call home.

We're a community that emphasizes teamwork above self and believes in sacrificing ones self for the greater good of the team. We always play-the-objective (PTFO) and put the team before personal accolades or stats.

The right members for The Syndicate will be socially active on this website, our forums and our Discord mobile messaging application. The right members for this community will put the accomplishments of their teammates above their own and seek to help others to be successful. A true member of the World Gaming Syndicate is a selfless player and realizes the Syndicate is only as good as its least experienced member.

The Syndicate is a community of “like-minded” gamers who are expected to be mature, respectful and adhere to our Code of Conduct.

Gaming Focus
The Syndicate currently supports Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege and Destiny. We like to consider ourselves a gaming community rather than a one-minded, one-game clan. We hope to create an atmosphere where you'll find friends to play any game of interest. We play casually together with a focus on winning and we also play competitively on Major League Gaming, UMG Online and other tournaments.

Gaming Mindset & Our Competitive Teams
We have an active community with party chats open for daily squad play. During squad play (pub-stomping), we always have fun... but also play the objective by communicating, using strategy and working together as a team.

As for Competitive teams, everyone in the Syndicate is welcome to play on our open developmental Game Battle teams. Providing they show initiative to practice and can play well in a sometimes stressful team atmosphere. We are also currently forming elite competitive teams for Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefield and Destiny. These teams are exclusive to actual members who've been voted into the community after a 4 week trial period.

Playing The Objective
A team that plays together, stays together. Members of the World Gaming Syndicate strive to play as a cohesive unit that rises and falls together as one. Communication is the key to our success as a team. We keep our communication clear and concise while calling out enemy positions and watching our brothers backs. We do not play for self-serving stats or accolades; rather we play together as a team for the sole purpose of winning. This holds true every time we squad up together.

How We Conduct Ourselves
The Syndicate does not whine or complain when things aren’t going our way. We don’t complain about glitching or other adverse conditions. We don’t give up in the face of failure, we don’t blame each other for our shortcomings and we don’t make others feel as if they’re what’s holding us back. We don't need those types of distractions.

Rather, a true member of The Syndicate puts his fellow teammates on his back, incites encouragement, rallies his brothers and pushes forward with tenacity, valor, benevolence, and perseverance. We don’t give up and we don’t back down.

Social Involvement
Our website is the epicenter of communication utilizing an in-depth forum and events calendar. We also utilize the mobile/desktop messaging application called Discord. The World Gaming Syndicate also has Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, PSN Groups and many other social platforms.

Use The Links Below To Learn More
Code of Conduct - Read the rules of the clan.
Scroll of Antiquity - The history of our clan.
Ranking Tree - See how our community is organized.
Member Ranks - Learn about the different ranks and their responsibilities.

Application Process
(please make your username the same as your psn ID)

We have a 4 week application process that's explained in the body of the application. Please read through the entire application as it holds important information to your acceptance.

To apply, you must first create a Shivtr user account. Please use your PSN as your username!!!


If you have any questions about our clan, contact

Good Luck!