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January Discord XP Champion!

Solo_Maxximus / Feb 05, 2017
very month we will be selecting a random prize winner from the top 10-20 performers on our Discord XP Leaderboard. The prize will be a $20 PSN Gift Card.

Every month there will be a random cutoff between 10-20 members who will be eligible for the prize. We are doing this to prevent members spam posting into the cutoff. So basically, if you want to ensure a shot at the prize... be active.

Since this is a non-profit organization and everyone is contributing for the love of the community. All members including leadership are eligible. Members recently voted in with XP being carried over from prior month are not eligible. Must be a member to win, sorry applicants... you'll be SYN soon enough.

This month we selected 1 randomly drawn name from the Top 12 performers.

Here is a list of the Top 12

1. Tr4iT0rW1thin - 48,543 XP
2. WolvesBane0530 - 46,529 XP
3. Crowdaolskee - 38,526 XP
4. ExFlawless - 37,667 XP
5. Mommasboy40 - 28,898 XP
6. pipsqueeks - 28,419 XP
7. ameersti - 24,641 XP
8. Squirtle_Squirt - 22,627 XP
9. tunes1218 - 22,130 XP
10. SRJohnson - 21,558 XP
11. AngryYank - 14,501 XP
12. Bane4you2 - 13,643 XP

Lets congratulate Mommasboy40 for being an active member of our community, for believing in friendship just as much as gaming and for being a Syndicate brother. Thank you for helping to make our community great!

We will PM your $20 PSN Coupon Code shortly.


Congratzzzz mommas!!
Congrats bro!
Congrats brother
Congrats mommas!
Congrats Mommas
Congrats Mommasboy
congratsss all!
Congrats but i smell a conspiracy!!! Lol goos job man
Congrats, well deserved and keep up those news posts!
Congrats. Mommasboy. And everyone else.

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