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CitizenX SITREP Battlefield Edition

Solo_Maxximus / Jan 28, 2017

Good Afternoon CitizenX Gaming! This is the 2nd edition of the news letter. I’m also sorry about the delay, due to lack of content we have decided to make weekly updates in a more game focused manner, as well as Friday night release! This weeks focus is on our growing Battlefield 1 division.

This past week in CitizenX gaming has seen some leadership changes! Our long standing COD Enlisting Officer I3xPl_Dubomb has decided to step down due to some real life issues and lack of time, The new EO has some big shoes to fill.

ADrunkLionX has been moved from our events Coordinator to Call of Duty Enlisting Officer. He’s a very active member and a part of the MWR Alpha team, it only seemed fitting. And the lucky winner to fulfil the 2nd COD EO position is Wolvesbane0530. This promotion comes as no surprise. Wolves is one, if not our most active member, and has taken time to help mentor and teach our new members of the CoD division. We look forward to what great things these 2 will come up with for developing our CoD division.

Rainbow 6 also had a new promotion this week, Srjohnson is the new R6s Enlisting officer. He’s a fantastic member, as well as recruiter. Even before this promotion he as brought us several very promising members to our R6s division. Only good things to come!

Our growing Destiny division has grown hugely. Our very own Aussie TMBlackHawk has taken on the challenge of Destiny Enlisting Officer. He is very committed to growing our Destiny division into a thriving part of our community.

Last but most certainly not least our BF1 promotions! AngryYank has taken on the position of Squad Leader. He is a very active and passionate BF1 player. He has some excellent leadership skills that will be showcased later. Also Tunes1218 will be tackling our battlefield recruitment as our newest BF1 Enlisting officer! He has shown he can give his all to CitizenX time and time again! Although he plays other CitizenX games, he is very committed to the growth of our BF1 division.

We wish all new leadership roles the best of luck!


Our CitizenX BF1 team took on a scrim against the Forgotten Warriors. Some of the memebers and their leadership were former members of CitizenX gaming. They played a best of 5 domination 5v5. After weeks of hard practice and team building, they were ready for battle. AngryYank, Sapperwj, PigAtual, JPANDPG, and Tunes1218 were the shinning members of this scrim. We are pleased to announce that CitizenX gaming took the Forgotten Warriors 3-0, then finished off the other 2 rounds for fun. Making it a 5-0 sweep and a huge victory for the BF1 team and all of CitizenX gaming. We look forward to what this division has in store.

Along with this epic clan battle win, our long time BF member Sir_Ravenscroft has been featured on Neebs Gaming! He was a part of Decembers top 20 plays of the month! He was ranked #15 with his epic dog tag feed!

In BF1 news, the first DLC announcement has been made! It will be called “They shall not pass”. It will be a French themed DLC, finally adding the French to a WW1 game. When the French were a very key player in wining the war. This DLC will bring a lot of new content as well, like a new game mode called Frontlines. Its said to be a mix of Conquest and Rush. Both teams will battle for 1 objective, and when its captured its moved on to the next, and so on. When the enemy HQ is captured it becomes a rush style, where posts must be attacked or defended.

Along with this new game mode comes a largest tank made at the time. The French Char 2C, the physically largest tank ever made. Although it didn’t see action until after the war, its still a great edition to the Behemoth type vehicles. There is also a French heavy tank coming, the St Chamond. A large tank with a very powerful gun, but weak sides. One of the most terrifying things to come out of this DLC has to be the “Trench Raider” elite class. It is a melee and grenade focused class, using its Raider club and large grenade arsenal to strike fear into the enemy on a very personal level.

They also added a new stationary weapon. Its called the Siege Howitzer. It’s a very large mortar cannon that can be fired by anyone much like the field guns we have now. And last but not least, the new maps! Verdun heights, Fort Vaux, Soissons, and Rupture. This goes without saying but, this content is “free” with Battlefield premium, you also get it 2 weeks before players get the ability to buy this DLC on its own. They have not released the official date but it will be sometime in March. Or if they will add any guns to the game so stay tuned for more news!

Thank you all for reading this exciting 2nd edition of the CitizenX SITREP. As always please comment if you have any news ideas! And see you next week Friday! FOR THE X!


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