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CitizenX Gaming Leadership Moves

Solo_Maxximus / Jan 22, 2017
In an effort to continually improve our overall gaming experience and community progression, CitizenX Gaming has made some leadership moves. We have reviewed each position carefully and have believe these changes put us in a great leadership position moving forward.

In searching for the right officers to fulfill each role, we realized that our requirements might have been set a little too high for the positions. We relaxed our stance on clan tenure and will rewrite new requirements moving forward.

We received several applications for each position and are thrilled with the quality of applicants we received. We obliviously couldn't select everyone who submitted an application and want to thank those who were not selected for showing interest. We are thrilled that so many people are willing to contribute to the growth of our great clan.

If you were not selected this time around, please continue to contribute as a member and know that your time will come. We are continually growing and always looking to improve our leadership position.

With that being said, lets look at the changes.


I3xPI_Dubomb - Has made the decision to step down as Enlisting Officer for Call of Duty. Dubomb is one of our most loyal members and is always there for CitizenX. However, with real life becoming more demanding and his fiance keeping him busy as fuck doing her bidding, he felt this was the best move. We thank Dubomb for his time as EO and we know he'll continue to contribute as a member.

ADrunkLionX - Moving from Events Coordinator to Call of Duty Enlisting Officer. Lion is one of our most active members and understand how CitizenX operates. We felt the need for an EO was greater than the Events Coordinator position. Lion will continue to provide us with daily events updates. We will not be filling the Events Coordinator position at this time.

Wolvesbane0530 - Promoted to Call of Duty Enlisting Officer. There is no question that Wolvesbane is one of, if not the most active member within CitizenX. He is always willing to help new applicants and is constantly involved with discussion and gaming. We feel Wolves will make an excellent addition to our leadership and mentor to CitizenX Gaming members and applicants.


Srjohnson - Promoted to Rainbow Six Siege Enlisting Officer. We had a few good applicants for the position, but no one can deny that Srjohnson has been an engaged and productive member of CitizenX ever since day one of his application. johnson has already helped to produce several key additions to CitizenX and we feel he will continue to be an active and productive member of our leadership team.


AngryYank - Promoted to Battlefield Squad Leader. Angry has been one of our most consistent and motivated members in growing Battlefield. Working his way through some early frustrations, Angry has settled nicely into Battlefield 1. He lead our team in it's most recent scrimmage victory and has shown good leadership ability in-game. Angry does a good job of organizing the squad in-game and does a good job leading the field of battle during play.

We are excited to see the continued growth of Angry and Battlefield. As a result of this move Angry should be the Squad lead whenever squading up in Battlefield. All members and applicants should follow his lead in-game.

Tunes1218- Promoted to Battlefield Enlisting Officer. Tunes is a multi-game member of CitizenX, but there is no question he gives his 100% to CitizenX. Tunes has already contributed to the growth and development of CitizenX in many ways. He is one of our most active and engaged members and we feel he will be a great mentor for new applicants. Not only for Battlefield, but for all games. He is willing to contribute in anyway he can. He is committed in helping Battlefield grow.


TMBlackHawk - Promoted to Destiny Enlisting Officer. Hawk is a newer member to CitizenX, but he has been an active and selfless player since he first joined. Hawk is always willing to squad up and shares an equal passion for competitive and casual Destiny gaming. We feel his selfless play, constant activity and motivation to grow Destiny will help this game thrive. We are looking forward to building Destiny behind his lead and the help of our existing members.

Lets congratulate these members on their accomplishments and help to support them in their efforts.

As members and applicants we should all be up to speed on the responsibilities of each of us. Please read the RANKS page to understand what each leadership position is responsible for and what we as members and applicants are responsible for. This is our clan and we all play a huge part in it's development.



Will done. Congrats
Congrats guys, for the SYN..
That's soooo yesterday bro, lol.
Congrats everyone
Congrats to all the other promotions, and thank you for mine! i wont let you down
Congratulations to everyone on the changes
Congratulations to all promoted best of luck in your new roles

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